Mobile Marketing, are you doing it correctly?

What is mobile marketing? Wordstream describes mobile marketing as the skill of marketing in order to make it attractive for mobile users. When done correctly, it facilitates companies to provide customized, time and location-relevant information to its consumers as and when demanded by them. Mobile marketing is an integral and crucial part of any brand's... Continue Reading →

Marketers, is it time to change your analytics measurement metrics?

What is the need for analytics measurement metrics? Marketers today face a very unique challenge. The ways to understand the customer have never been more robust or complicated. A brand's touchpoints with its customers have rapidly increased in previous years as customers interact online as well as offline through multiple channels with the brand. In... Continue Reading →

Online Communities, is engagement weakening?

Is Social Media really helping brands to engage with online communities and generate revenue? As a tool for providing information, as a tool to communicate with your online community members or as a medium of advertisement? As less as 48% of marketers believe that social media marketing results in a positive return on investment. Given... Continue Reading →

Online Privacy, is that even a thing?

A study conducted in 2008 estimated that an average American user would need somewhere close to 244 hours per year to read privacy policies for all websites he/she visits and this study was conducted well before we had a plethora of apps on our phones. Frankly speaking, who has the time for all that? Just... Continue Reading →

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